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About City Optical

City Optical, proud supplier of OSA lenses, is your optical lens supplier providing all lens fitting and supply chain services, including a full range of lens technology to suit all your needs. City Optical offers a complete range of high quality stock and grind lenses, frame & lens packages, the latest in lens design and technology, all this with local friendly customer service, sales and marketing team committed to helping you with the ongoing success of your business. 

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Transitions® Signature VII™ Graphite Green

Transitions® Signature VII™ Graphite Green provides a superior visual experience by being more reactive to varying outdoor light conditions. Fully clear indoors, just the right amount of tint outdoors.

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Frame & Lens Packs

City Optical has partnered with two frame suppliers: VKO and Pro Optics, to supply you with a complete range of frame and lens packages for kids and adults. We also offer frames & lens packs for NSW Spectacles Program (Vision Australia).

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Crizal UV lenses have been endorsed by Cancer Council for providing the maximum level of protection possible to prescription lens wearers against the damaging effects of UV radiation. Available now on a full range of OSA Stock and Grind lenses.

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OSA Unique offers personalised progressive lens performance within any chosen frame. OSA Unique guarantees performance to non-standard wearing conditions by taking into account how the lens fits to a wearer’s face. 

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Mirror Coatings

The hottest trend this summer!

Available now in Gold, Silver, Blue and Silver Shadow. 

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