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At CityOptical we provide a range of different materials allowing you to choose the ideal index for your customer.

Material Options

At City Optical we provide several different indexes, see the following for more information:

1.67 INDEX

Better looking lenses without compromising optical performance. Patients with high to medium strength prescriptions, no longer have to wear thick, heavy glasses. 1.67 lenses are both thinner and lighter in weight than standard plastic lenses, making them far less noticeable and more comfortable.

Features & Benefits

Thin and flat lenses

  • Up to 40% thinner than 1.5 lenses
  • Excellent optical performance (flatter base curve and aspheric design)

Aspheric technology

  • Superior optical clarity
  • Transparent high-index 1.67 material, with an exceptionally clear, pure look

Improved personal performance

  • 1.67 lenses are more comfortable and more appealing to the eye
  • With added Sharp View Multicoat, patients no longer have to put up with annoying reflections, smudges and scratches.

UV protection

  • Built in UV protection to 400nm
  • Full UVA / UVB protection
  • UV treatment is incorporated in the lens substrate avoiding the risk of peeling or yellowish discolouration
  • For protection against reflected UV rays, Sharp View UV coating should be added

Recommended For

  • High prescription wearers seeking thinner and flatter lenses
  • High prescription wearers wearing rimless frames
  • Wearers concerned with appearance
  • Prescriptions over +/-3.75

1.60 INDEX

An extremely versatile lens material.

Features & Benefits

UV protection

  • Built in UV protection to 395nm
  • Full UVA / UVB protection
  • For protection against reflected UV rays, Sharp View UV coating should be added

Thin and light lenses

  • Up to 30% lighter than standard plastic lenses
  • Up to 40% thinner than standard plastic lenses

Optical Performance

  • Excellent contrast and clear images
  • Reduced spectacle magnification

Mechanical resistance

  • Excellent resistance to drilling
  • Capability to withstand the pressure of high tension rimless lens mounting

Recommended For

  • Low and moderate prescriptions
  • Rimless frames

1.59 INDEX

Utmost protection combined with lightness and durability. Polycarbonate lenses are the most used alternative to glass lenses due to their durability, lightness and impact-resistant nature.

Features & Benefits

Thinner and lighter for added comfort

Polycarbonate lenses are up to 20% thinner and 27% lighter than standard lenses. This provides wearers with superior comfort by alleviating pressure on the nose bridge.

Polycarbonate lenses come with optional aspheric lens technology which results in a flatter or thinner lens profile, giving customers a sleeker spectacles silhouette.

Scratch resistant for absolutely clear vision

Polycarbonate lenses are multi-coated with STEEL, which makes them two times more scratch resistant than conventional plastic lenses. STEEL also armours the lenses with hydrophobic, anti-static, oil-repellant and anti-reflective properties. This prevents dust and grease from settling on the lens surfaces, affording wearers clear vision always.

UV blockage for greater protection

The polycarbonate material can effectively block 99.9% of UV radiation. As you know, direct exposure to sun and glare can lead to severe eye problems. Polycarbonate lenses therefore not only correct your customer’s vision, but can help prevent eye diseases. With added Sharp View Multicoat, patients no longer have to put up with annoying reflections, smudges and scratches.

Impact resistant for increased durability

The polycarbonate material has been proven to be ten times more impact resistant than conventional plastic lenses, due to its high levels of shock absorbency. This makes Polycarbonate lenses virtually unbreakable and ideal for kids and active adults.

Recommended For


  • Durability and protection against breakages makes this lens perfect for children

Active adults

  • Adults with sporty lifestyles will consider comfort and durability important qualities for lenses
  • The super fl at design of the lens makes it suitable for any type of frame

Professionals requiring protection

  • Tough constitution of the lens and hard multicoating give protection and clear vision at all times
  • Ideal for those who work in dusty and scratch-prone environments