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Leveraging on the most advanced technologies, City Optical's Anti-Reflective coatings bring a daily comfort of vision to the wearer in terms of transparency, scratch resistance, smudge resistance and water repellence. Our latest coating, Sharp View UV, also offers complete protection against transmitted and reflective UV rays, offering the best UV protection available.

Sharp View

Sharp View lenses dramatically reduce reflections, smudges, scratches and water drops that compromise your patient's vision and comfort. Sharp View lenses also make edging and fitting easy, due to a custom layer that holds the lens in place, with no need for additional stickers.

Sharp View UV

Sharp View UV offers benefits of Sharp View multicoat, but with 100% protection from transmitted UV rays and extra protection from reflected UV rays.


Optifog is a new generation of lenses with an exclusive anti-fog Top Layer. Activated by the Optifog Smart Textile, it offers you the best and most durable protection against lens fogging.

Sharp View Blue

Sharp View Blue offers clearer and sharper vision, improved visual performance and comfort thanks to its unique properties that reflect unnecessary blue light while allowing visible light to pass through.

Mirror Coatings

Available now in Gold, Silver, Blue and Silver Shadow.