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OSA unique

Discover new visual space.

OSA uniqueâ„¢ offers personalised progressive lens performance within any chosen frame. OSA unique™ guarantees the performance to non-standard wearing conditions, by taking into account how the lens fits to a wearer's face.

Wearer Benefits

  • The fastest adaptation
  • The most natural vision
  • Clearest, sharpest, widest fields of vision
  • Minimal distortions with easy transition between all distances
  • Same script, same customer, different frame = totally unique pair of lenses
  • Compatible with all frame models


Position of Wear

OSA unique™ guarantees the performance to non-standard wearing conditions, by taking into account how the lens fits to a wearer’s face.

Most progressive lens designs account for average wearing conditions. OSA unique™ takes extra parameters into account to offer the most personalised lens design possible.

This means that the same wearer, with the same script, but two different frames, would get 2 different lens designs – each one tailored for the difference in position of wear.

The anatomy of the eye has a significant impact on the refractive state. Occular length can vary from one eye to another by as much as 20.5mm to 28mm, or 30% in height (emmetropic eye without visual defect). Many progressive lenses only take prescription into account when calculating lens power at the distant vision point. Harmonix™ Technology goes further by taking into account the entire eye anatomy – eye size, shape, and position of its centre of rotation.

Wearers will enjoy a wider and more comfortable visual space.

osa unique™ Offers 12% Larger Fields of Vision (for Myopes) & 17% Softer Gradients (for Hyperopes)

Low Ammetropes (Medium eye)

The eye shape is generally spherical. A progressive lens that strikes a balance between wide visual fields and smooth power gradients is desirable.

Harmonix™ Technology provides the best balance between wide fields of vision and smooth gradients

Myopes (Long eye)

The eye shape is elongated resulting in a steeper curved retina. A progressive lens with wider zones of sharp focus is desired.

Harmonix™ Technology delivers up to *12% wider fields of vision compared to a standard progressive lens.

Hyperopes (Short eye)

The eye shape is more compact which increases the sensitivity to visual aberrations. A progressive design in which the power changes are softer is needed.

Harmonix™ Technology manages power changes offering up to **17% softer gradients compared to a standards progressive lens (1).


Frame Optimisation™ Technology

It is important to account for the frame’s influence on the presbyope’s visual experience because it is the frame that determines:

  • The visual space available for execution of the progressive design
  • The position of the lens relative to the eye

Frame Optimisation™ Technology provides the best possible optical performance by taking frame parameters into account.
Wearers enjoy optimised visual zones and maximised visual performance in their choice of frame.

Dual Sided Digital Surfacing Technology

Extremely precise dual sided digital surfacing offers the greatest level of customisation and delivers significantly improved visual performance.

OSA unique™ Performance

Wearer data = frame parameter + wearing conditions. 

Standard progressive lenses are optimised for standard wearing conditions. 

When the adjustment of the frame doesn’t allow to stay close to standard wearing conditions, the performance of the lens can be less optimum.

OSA unique™ guarantees the performance to non-standard wearing conditions.